Minggu, 16 Agustus 2009

Jepara Typical Food

Ice Gempol = drink coconut milk and GEMPOL (balls of rice flour), usually served sweet, salty, hot or cold.

Ice Pleret = drink coconut milk and Pleret (rice flour is eaten slightly chewy) is almost similar to GEMPOL.

Ice Cendol = made from materials sago flour, real sugar, coconut milk.

Rondo Royal = tape-wrapped fried flour.
Klenyem = fried grated cassava sugar content.

Kenyol = grated yam wrapped in banana leaves and filled with brown sugar center, how to cook steamed.

Nogosari = flour wrapped in banana leaves and filled the middle ripe bananas, how to cook steamed.

Kuluban = Urap-Urap with young jackfruit, long beans and leaves of young, raw bean sprouts, and fruits, material presented.

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